Trees in Decline: The IUCN Red List of Endemic and Subendemic Trees of Central Africa [Poster]

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In the face of global environmental changes and human pressures on biodiversity, it is essential to assess the risk of species extinction and identify the root causes of their decline. Since 2018, Meise Botanic Garden has been working closely with the IUCN SSC Central African and Eastern African Plant Red List Authorities to conduct conservation assessments for all Endemic (and subendemic) Central African Trees (ECAT). Central Africa, as defined here, includes the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. Through this project, we aim to provide conservationists and policymakers with up-to-date information on the threats to these tree taxa. Our findings show that out of 347 taxa, 221 (64%) are threatened with extinction. Of these, 34 (10%) are Critically Endangered (of which 25 may already be extinct), 106 (31%) are Endangered, and 81 (23%) are Vulnerable. Agriculture, livestock farming and logging were identified as the main drivers of deforestation and forest degradation, but charcoal production and mining also pose significant threats. Climate change is a growing concern as detrimental effects on biodiversity are emerging. All ECAT assessments were published to the IUCN Red List and were compiled in a book, which may be downloaded for free by scanning the QR code below.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 29-sep.-2022
EventAMPEE 6: 6th Annual Meeting on Plant Ecology and Evolution - Meise Botanic Garden, Meise, België
Duur: 29-sep.-202229-sep.-2022


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