Targeted and Untargeted Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics for Chemical Profiling of Three Coffee Species

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  • Andrea Montis
  • Florence Souard
  • Cedric Delporte
  • Piet Stoffelen
  • Caroline Stevigny
  • Pierre Van Antwerpen
While coffee beans have been studied for many years, researchers are showing a growing interest in coffee leaves and by-products, but little information is currently available on coffee species other than Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora. The aim of this work was to perform a targeted and untargeted metabolomics study on Coffea arabica, Coffea canephora and Coffea anthonyi. The application of the recent high-resolution mass spectrometry-based metabolomics tools allowed us to gain a clear overview of the main differences among the coffee species. The results showed that the leaves and fruits of Coffea anthonyi had a different metabolite profile when compared to the two other species. In Coffea anthonyi, caffeine levels were found in lower concentrations while caffeoylquinic acid and mangiferin-related compounds were found in higher concentrations. A large number of specialized metabolites can be found in Coffea anthonyi tissues, making this species a valid candidate for innovative healthcare products made with coffee extracts.
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Artikel nummer3152
Nummer van het tijdschrift10
StatusGepubliceerd - 14-mei-2022


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