[Poster] European Taxonomy in Profile: A data-driven approach

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This study examines the service aspect of taxonomy in Europe, focusing on the description, identification, and nomenclature of taxa. While taxonomy is traditionally approached as a research discipline, emphasizing evolutionary aspects of biodiversity, this investigation specifically addresses the supply and demand sides of taxonomy as a critical service for European biodiversity conservation.
Utilizing an automated approach with OpenAlex, an open bibliography of scholarly publications, comprehensive data on taxonomists, their affiliated institutions, and their areas of expertise are extracted. This method ensures comprehensive coverage across all taxa while minimizing potential biases associated with self-reported questionnaires.
In addition to analyzing the current availability of taxonomic expertise (supply side), this study evaluates expertise gaps by examining significant taxa from both research and policy perspectives (demand side). By leveraging datasets such as the list of invasive species on the horizon for Europe, Crop Wild Relatives, and the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, the relevance and demand for taxonomic expertise are assessed.
By considering the demand side rather than assuming equal policy importance across all taxa, this study provides nuanced insights into the contributions of taxonomists in addressing conservation and policy needs in Europe. Through highlighting impacts, challenges, and potential solutions, this research underscores the significance of taxonomy as a vital service. Recommendations aim to prioritize taxonomy, enhance its contributions to biodiversity conservation efforts, and provide guidance to policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders invested in sustaining Europe's rich biodiversity.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2024
EventEmpowering Biodiversity Research III - Naturalis, Leiden, Nederland
Duur: 25-mrt.-202426-mrt.-2024
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CongresEmpowering Biodiversity Research III
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