(Poster, de Haan & Van de Vijver) The Walker Arnott samples and notes, a valuable part of the Van Heurck collection in Meise Botanic Garden

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In 2006 the entire Henri Van Heurck collection, including his famous diatom gatherings, was donated by the municipality of Antwerp (Flanders, Belgium) as a permanent loan to the National Botanic Garden of Belgium. When the latter became Meise Botanic Garden in 2016, the Van Heurck collection became property of the Garden. This very valuable diatom collection comprises samples and notes from several prominent diatomists of the 19th century such as William Smith, Friedrich T. Kützing and Albert Grunow. In 2020, we started to digitize as much as possible of the collection data, a laborious work not in the least because the catalogue notes are handwritten with key words often abbreviated.
In this poster, we highlight a collection Van Heurck acquired: the George Arnott Walker Arnott, together with the digitization of the corresponding notes and species lists.
George A. Walker Arnott (1799–1868) was Professor of Botany at the University of Glasgow (Scotland, UK), who in the last part of his life focused on diatoms. He gathered a collection of about 2000 samples, often sent to him by a number of the active famous British diatomists of that time, such as R. Cresswell, Dr. Greville, W. Gregory, F. Kitten, F. Okeden, J.T. Norman, G. Norman, J.G. Rylands, and W. Smith. The importance of this collection is exceptional, because many of the samples are considered duplicates of type specimens that in some cases are missing from the original collection, housed in Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK). During the digitization we especially check the localities and provide extra information by combining data from several sources. When finished we intend to make this complete work freely available for the scientific community.
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Titel14th European Diatom Meeting Abstractbook
StatusGepubliceerd - 2023
Event14th European Diatom Meeting - Meise Botanic Garden, Meise, België
Duur: 9-mei-202311-mei-2023
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