[oral] A new green ark to safeguard research and conservation collections

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Botanic Garden Meise currently has two glasshouse complexes. These comprise over 40 small interconnected glasshouses used for propagation, conservation of endangered species and cultivation of research and orangery collections. Built in the 1930s and 1950s, most are in a very bad state and some have already collapsed. Heating a large number of small glasshouses is very inefficient on energy usage and the growing conditions for the plants are not at all optimal.
Consequently, our Garden plans to build a new glasshouse complex to be known as the ‘Green Ark’. It will be around 7,100m2 and include a multi-purpose room where the scientific work of our Garden can be explained and demonstrated to the public. An existing building will adjoin the complex and after renovation will house the seedbank and offices for the staff of the Living Collections. The total budget for the project is €10.4 million (excluding taxes and fees). In collaboration with the Flemish Building Agency, the Garden launched a European tender to find an architect team.
Botanic Garden Meise has chosen, after a thorough screening, for the design of the temporary association NU and ar-te, because of the excellent integration in the existing landscape, the attractiveness for the visitors, and the functionality of the greenhouses. The design team and the Garden aim at combining the scientific purposes of the new buildings with a qualitative access for the visitors. An iconic public pavilion is surrounded by the glasshouses to give the public an insight into our scientific collections, while the pavilion gives room for interpretative panels as well as temporary exhibitions.
The seedbank, our main asset in terms of conservation, will be renewed to become a stateof-the-art modern seedbank. To communicate and demonstrate our work in the field of conservation, the short-term seed storage room is made visible for visitors by means of smart glass technology.
The combination of these plans will form a powerful tool to increase our scientific strength and to raise public awareness around ex situ plant conservation.
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EventEurogard VIII: Eight European Botanic Gardens Congress: Botanic Gardens, People and Plants for a Sustainable World - Lisbon, Portugal
Duur: 7-mei-201811-mei-2018


CongresEurogard VIII: Eight European Botanic Gardens Congress
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