Notes on Tarenna (Pavetteae) as a precursor to a checklist of the Rubiaceae of Madagascar and the Comores

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The author prepares a revision of Tarenna in Madagascar and assembles in this precursor a number of novelties in preparation for a check-list of the Rubiaceae of Madagascar and the Comores. Tarenna capuroniana is described as a new species from northern Madagascar. Chomelia alleizettei is transferred to Tarenna. Ixora drakei, I. rotundifolia, Tarenna richardii and T. verdcourtiana are placed in the synonymy of Tarenna grevei, and I. nigrescens and I. hildebrandtii in the synonymy of T. sechellensis. A list of the currently accepted Malagasy Tarenna species with their synonymy and types is provided. An identification key is given. © 2005 National Botanic Garden. All rights reserved.
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