More than a Bit of Fun: The Multiple Outcomes of a Bioblitz

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  • Sofie Meeus
  • Iolanda Silva-Rocha
  • Tim Adriaens
  • Peter M. J. Brown
  • Niki Chartosia
  • Bernat Claramunt López
  • Angeliki F. Martinou
  • Michael J O Pocock
  • Cristina Preda
  • Helen Roy
  • Elena Tricarico
  • Quentin J. Groom
Bioblitzes are a popular approach to engage people and collect biodiversity data. Despite this, few studies have actually evaluated the multiple outcomes of bioblitz activities. We used a systematic review, an analysis of data from more than 1000 bioblitzes, and a detailed analysis of one specific bioblitz to inform our inquiry. We evaluated five possible bioblitz outcomes, which were creating a species inventory, engaging people in biological recording, enhancing learning about nature, discovering a species new to an area, and promoting an organization. We conclude that bioblitzes are diverse but overall effective at their aims and have advantages over unstructured biodiversity recording. We demonstrate for the first time that bioblitzes increase the recording activity of the participants for several months after the event. In addition, we provide evidence that bioblitzes are effective at bringing people and organizations together to build communities of professionals and amateurs, critical for conserving and protecting biodiversity
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Nummer van het tijdschrift3
Pagina's (van-tot)168-181
Aantal pagina's14
StatusGepubliceerd - 1-mrt.-2023

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