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With regard to the acquisition, maintenance and supply of plant material, the Botanic Garden Meise acts in a manner that is consistent to the letter and spirit of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD, Rio de Janeiro, 1992), the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and in compliance with all relevant conventions and laws relating to the protection of biological diversity.
The Botanic Garden informs its correspondents that seeds are available on an exchange basis, exclusively for institutions working in the areas of research, conservation and education. No seed material is provided to individuals or commercial firms.
The Botanic Garden Meise is a registered member of IPEN, the International Plant Exchange Network (www.bgci.org/resources/ipen) whose members have adopted a Code of Conduct regarding access to genetic resources and sharing of the resulting benefits. Therefore our garden only supplies seed material to other IPEN-members, unless the "Agreement on the supply of living plant material for non-commercial purposes leaving the International Plant Exchange Network" is signed by authorized staff.
The IPEN number given with the seed material consists of four elements:
1) The first two characters are the international iso 3166-1-alpha-2-code of the country of origin("XX" for unknown origin).
2) The next position is a digit: "1" if there exist special restriction to transfer, "0" if none.
3) The next position is the Garden Code from which the IPEN number originates ("BR" for our institution).
4) The rest consists of the accession number within the institution specified in the previous element.
The IPEN number must always stay attached to the accession and its descendants so that the origin of the material can always be traced back.
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