Flore d'Afrique centrale, n.s., Spermatophyta, Rubiaceae - Tribu XIII. Hymenodictyeae, XIV. Naucleeae et XV. Cinchoneae

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This publication comprises a regional flora treatment of the Rubiaceae tribes Hymenodictyeae (1 genus, 3 species), Naucleeae (4 genera, 18 species) and Cinchoneae (1 genus, 2 introduced species) for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. These tribes together form the supertribe Cinchonidineae. In total, this volume deals with six genera and 23 species (three introduced), none of which are endemic to the region; all 23 species occur in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, five in Rwanda, and three in Burundi. Several taxonomic changes are proposed, including new combinations and synonymies. User-friendly keys to all taxa are included. All species are presented with a full morphological description, data on their distribution, habitat, conservation status, vernacular names and uses, a list of representative herbarium specimens, and bibliographic references. A total of 21 detailed drawings and 58 photos are provided to assist identification.
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