Flore d’Afrique centrale, n.s., Spermatophyta, Cyperaceae, Tribu VII. Schoeneae, VIII. Rhynchosporeae et IX. Cariceae

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This part of the Flora treatment for the Cyperaceae occurring in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi comprises three tribes: Schoeneae, Rhynchosporeae and Cariceae. In the Flora region, tribe Schoeneae is represented by two genera, each with a single species. Tribe Rhynchosporeae
comprises a single genus, Rhynchospora, represented in the Flora region by nine
species. Finally, the Cariceae also contain a single genus, Carex, represented in the Flora region by 22 species. Each species treatment comes with a full description, synonyms, data on their distribution, habitat, conservation notes,
vernacular names and uses, as well as references to additional literature and the
citation of representative specimens. User-friendly keys to the genera and species are provided, along with 36 detailed line drawings, a SEM photo plate and 32 colour photographs, to assist species recognition. A new subspecies, Carex papillosissima Nelmes subsp. katangensis Thery, is described and lectotypes are designated for two names.
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