Flore d'Afrique centrale, n.s., Spermatophyta, Convolvulaceae

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A floristic treatment for the Convolvulaceae occurring within the framework of the Flore d’Afrique centrale (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi) is given. It provides an important update to the studies published by Lejoly & Lisowski in 1992 and 1993. In the present treatment, 23 genera and 132 species are documented, among which 11 subspecies and 21 varieties. Of these, 18 taxa are endemic to the region, while 17 species are introduced. The present treatment includes the description of one new species and one new combination. Two names are treated as synonyms for the first time, and four lectotypes and one neotype have been designated. A novel key to the genera is presented, which de-prioritises the pollen characters so often used at this level, and maximizes the use of more easily observed morphological characters; we hope that this more practical approach will be particularly helpful in the identification of herbarium material. Species recognition is further facilitated by the inclusion of 59 detailed line drawings and 17 pages of full colour photographs. All genera and species come with a morphological description, synonyms, distributional data, habitat data, conservation information, vernacular names, as well as additional bibliography, taxonomic notes and the citation of representative herbarium specimens. Within the Flora region, the species of Convolvulaceae have a wide range of uses, notably as edible (tubers and vegetables), medicinal, and ornamental plants.
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