Flore d'Afrique centrale, n.s., Spermatophyta - Rubiaceae - Tribu XVI. Colletoecemateae à XVIII. Lasiantheae

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A regional flora treatment, covering the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi, is provided for three tribes of the Rubiaceae family: Colletoecemateae (one genus, Colletoecema, with one species in the area), Lasiantheae (two genera, Lasianthus and Trichostachys, with six species) and Urophylleae (two genera, Pauridiantha and Pentaloncha, with 15 species). This volume thus deals with five genera and 22 species; one species, Pauridiantha halleana Ntore & O.Lachenaud, is described as new, two new combinations are published, and several new synonymies are established. All 22 species treated in this volume occur in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where four are endemic; Rwanda and Burundi have 3 species each, none endemic. Keys to all the taxa are provided. For every species, a full morphological description is presented, as well as data on their distribution, habitat, vernacular names and uses, a list of representative herbarium specimens, and bibliographic references. All species are illustrated with line drawings and, when available, colour photographs.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageFlora of Central Africa, n.s., Spermatophyta - Rubiaceae - Tribu XVI. Colletoecemateae to XVIII. Lasiantheae
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