Flore d'Afrique centrale, n.s. Spermatophyta - Gesneriaceae

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A flora treatment for the Gesneriaceae occurring in the Democratic
Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi is given. In this region the family
is represented by 2 genera with 13 species of which 8 species are endemic to the
region. User-friendly keys to all taxa are included. All species come with a full
description, synonyms, data on their distribution, habitat, vernacular names and
uses, as well as references to additional literature and the citation of representative
specimens used. All species are illustrated, twelve with line drawings and
eight with colour photographs.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageGesneriaceae
Originele taal-2Frans
Plaats productieMeise
UitgeverijJardin Botanique Meise
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ISBN van geprinte versie9783823617945
StatusGepubliceerd - 15-nov.-2021

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Naam Flore d’Afrique centrale (République démocratique du Congo – Rwanda – Burundi), nouvelle série, Spermatophyta
UitgeverijJardin botanique de Meise
ISSN van geprinte versie0779-116X


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