Flore d'Afrique centrale, n.s. - Spermatophyta - Dipterocarpaceae

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A flora treatment for the Dipterocarpaceae occurring in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi is given. In this region, the family is represented by two genera and fifteen species. Within these species one subspecies, 16 varieties and 8 formae have been distinguished. The taxonomic status of three taxa is doubtfull and these are treated as insufficiently known. User-friendly keys to all taxa are included. Seven taxa are endemic to the area, and many others appear to be rare. All species come with a full description, synonyms, data on their distribution, habitat, vernacular names and uses, as well as references to additional literature and the citation of representative specimens used. Three species are illustrated with drawings and 13 with colour photographs.
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  • B290-taxonomie-van-planten


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