Brackish diatom species (Bacillariophyta) from rivers of Rhin-Meuse basin in France

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The French part of the Rhin-Meuse basin is quite heterogeneous due to the broad variability in pH and conductivity ranges of its rivers and streams. Parts of the basin are characterized by the presence of typical natural or anthropogenically induced brackish environments, showing a typical diatom flora. Since many brackish diatom species observed in these particular environments are often only poorly illustrated in literature used for biomonitoring, the present paper tends to fill this gap in our knowledge. Therefore, we illustrate in this work a large number of brackish taxa such as Cyclotella scaldensis, Skeletonema potamos, Thalassiosira gessneri, T. lacustris, T. weissflogii, Achnanthes secretitaeniata, Bacillaria paxillifera, Berkeleya rutilans, Entomoneis paludosa, Halamphora coffeaeformis, Haslea spicula, Nitzschia amplectens, N. aurariae, N. frequens, N. inconspicua and N. thermaloides. Additionally, one new species, Tabularia massenana sp. nov. is described based on detailed LM and SEM observations.
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