Biodiversity Community Integrated Knowledge Library (BiCIKL)

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  • Lyubomir Penev
  • Dimitrios Koureas
  • Quentin Groom
  • Jerry Lanfear
  • Donat Agosti
  • Ana Casino Rubio
  • Joe Miller
  • Christos Arvanitidis
  • Guy Cochrane
  • Donald Hobern
  • Olaf Banki
  • Wouter Addink
  • Urmas Kõljalg
  • Kyle Copas
  • Patricia Mergen
  • Anton Güntsch
  • Laurence Benichou
  • Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez
  • Patrick Ruch
  • Corinne S. Martin
  • Boris Barov
  • Kristina Hristova
BiCIKL is an European Union Horizon 2020 project that will initiate and build a new European starting community of key research infrastructures, establishing open science practices in the domain of biodiversity through provision of access to data, associated tools and services at each separate stage of and along the entire research cycle. BiCIKL will provide new methods and workflows for an integrated access to harvesting, liberating, linking, accessing and re-using of subarticle-level data (specimens, material citations, samples, sequences, taxonomic names, taxonomic treatments, figures, tables) extracted from literature. BiCIKL will provide for the first time access and tools for seamless linking and usage tracking of data along the line: specimens > sequences > species > analytics > publications > biodiversity knowledge graph > re-use.
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TijdschriftResearch Ideas and Outcomes
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StatusGepubliceerd - 26-jan-2022
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