Analysis of type material of Opephora pacifica and emendation of the genus Opephora (Bacillariophyta)

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The genus Opephora currently contains 37 species and 27 infraspecific taxa. However, the existing literature reveals a wide morphological diversity and the need to establish defining characters to circumscribe the genus as a cohesive and, perhaps, monophyletic group. The type material of Opephora pacifica, the generitype, is analysed. We emend the description of both the species and the genus, the latter also based on published light and scanning electron microscopy observations of closely related species. After review of the available literature, we determined that currently only two species can be ascribed with certainty to the genus Opephora: O. pacifica and O. marina. Based on available literature, it is highly likely that O. fragilarioides also belongs to this genus. We present a table with all known species and infraspecific taxa and make comments regarding their recent transfer to other genera, their current accepted nomenclature, and the genus to which they should probably be ascribed pending the collection of further information.
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