A synopsis of the Sabicea floribunda group (Rubiaceae) from Central Africa, including three new species.

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This paper presents a taxonomic revision of the Sabicea floribunda K. Schum. group (Rubiaceae). Eight species are recognised, of which three are newly described: Sabicea couteronii O. Lachenaud, Zemagho & Sonké (Cameroon, Gabon and Republic of Congo), Sabicea dichrosepala O. Lachenaud, Zemagho & Sonké and Sabicea rubiginosa O. Lachenaud, Zemagho & Sonké (both endemic to Gabon). One subspecies is also described: Sabicea sanguinosa subsp. viridis O. Lachenaud, Zemagho & Sonké and two varieties: Sabicea floribunda var. anisostegia O. Lachenaud, Zemagho & Sonké and Sabicea floribunda var. paludosa O. Lachenaud, Zemagho & Sonké. Lectotypes are selected for Sabicea floribunda var. paucinervis Wernham, Sabicea nobilis R.D. Good, Sabicea segregata Hiern and Sabicea henningsiana Büttner. All species are illustrated with photographs, and the three new ones also with line drawings; distribution maps and IUCN conservation status assessments are also presented for all taxa.
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