A molecular investigation of Asplenium: Asplenium kivuensis nov. - a new species from Kivu (Democratic Republic of Congo)

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Present study examined the phylogenetic structure of two species of the genus Asplenium L. [A. aethiopicum (Burm.f.) Bech, A. friesiorum C.Chr. and affinity) in Kivu (DR Congo) which are known to comprise several different morphotypes. In total, 15 specimens of A. friesiorum C.Chr. (and affinity) and 15 of A. aethiopicum (Burm.f.) Bech. were sequenced for three molecular markers (trnG, trnL-F and rps4-trnS). Prior to analyzing the combined chloroplast data, each marker was examined separately to recognize the phylogenetic differences amongst the chloroplast datasets. Sequence datasets were analyzed using Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Inference, in order to obtain solid phylogenetic results. To consolidate the phylogenetic information obtained, we observed the spores of corresponding herbarium specimens using scanning electron microscopy. Phylogenetic results demonstrated that each of the Asplenium L. species studied here comprises at least two clearly delimited subspecies in Kivu [A. friesiorum kivuensis Mangambu nov.* and A. friesiorum C.Chr.; A. aethiopicum (Burm.f.) Bech. subsp. aethiopicum and A. aethiopicum (Burm.f.) Bech. subsp. tripinnatum (Baker) A.F. Braithw]. The observed spores showed differences in shape and size between the subspecies studied of A. aethiopicum (Burm.f.) Bech., species A. friesiorum C.Chr. and A. kivuensis Mangambu nov.*.
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