The edible fungi of Katanga (DR Congo)

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  • De Kesel, André (Copromotor)
  • Kasongo, Bill, Université de Lubumbashi, Congo (Doctoraatstudent)

List up all edible species in the miombo woodlands (done).
Collect, photograph and take field notes on all edible taxa (done).
Determine the natural productions of edible taxa (over 3 consecutive years) in fixed plots, spread over 4 different miombo forests (done).
Treat the data per species and relate to ecology, meteorological data . Produce precise phenological graphs per species (done).
Resolve major taxonomical issues with the genus Cantharellus from Katanga and elsewhere in tropical Africa (done). Construct a phylogeny (done), describe new taxa (species and section), indicate epitypes, make the descriptions, make the drawings (done, paper is now published).
Write on ecosystem services delivered by 100 edible taxa, their value compared to charcoal, conservation measures (in progress).
Translate all this in French (in progress). The book (ca 275 pg) is due mid 2017 and is meant for capacity building in taxonomy (similar to a previous volume AbcTaxa 10).

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