Interreg North Sea Project Expanding transnational capacities to strengthen plant biodiversity and restoration in the NSR

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In the North Sea Region (NSR), plant ecosystems and other living organisms are under pressure due to human activities. Societies face enormous challenges due to climate change and biodiversity loss, some 25% of Earth's species are threatened, and scientists warn of a sixth mass extinction. European and global policies aim to restore degraded ecosystems for biodiversity and bolster our resilience to climate change. These policies and new legislation such as the Nature Restoration law, adopted by the Council 20 June 2023 will increase the commitment but also confront us with challenges, including the unavailability of native seeds for restoration projects.
Increasingly urbanised environments, especially in the NSR have distanced people from nature. A result of this is plant blindness, which describes humans’ inability to see plants, thereby overlooking the importance of plants in the biosphere. Challenges of native seed availability and plant blindness urge us to support collaboration with NSR partners. The goal is to enhance communication about biodiversity, improve ecosystem restoration, develop native seed mixes for various habitats, share knowledge of ecosystem restoration, and reduce plant blindness.
EXPBIO aims to demonstrate solutions to these challenges through interconnected work packages (WPs), that will support Public Authorities, SMEs, Research institutes and citizens to adopt and adapt to the new legislation:
• Strategic roadmap for biodiversity restoration. Guiding key stakeholders in the NSR to prioritize and collaborate around our identified challenges.
• Demonstrate restoration practices that strengthen soil seed banks in restoration.
• Demonstrate multipurpose seed mixes for NSR ecosystems (pollination, education, nature-based therapy etc).
• Transnational Action Plan to reduce plant blindness through developing and carrying out tailored educational programs that activate stakeholders to contribute to biodiversity through citizen science.
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