Biodiversity Community Integrated Knowledge Library

Project: Onderzoek



BiCIKL is a project that aims to establish and cultivate a new European community of key research infrastructures, fostering open science practices in the biodiversity domain. The project facilitates access to data, associated tools, and services at each distinct stage and throughout the entire research cycle. The initiative by BiCIKL involves introducing innovative methods and workflows to enable integrated access for harvesting, liberating, linking, accessing, and reusing subarticle-level data (such as specimens, material citations, samples, sequences, taxonomic names, taxonomic treatments, figures, and tables) extracted from literature. BiCIKL provides access and tools for seamless linking and usage tracking of data along the trajectory: specimens → sequences → species → analytics → publications → biodiversity knowledge graph → re-use.

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StatusIn uitvoering
Effectieve start/einddatum1/05/2130/04/24



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