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  • B230-mycologie
  • B290-taxonomie-van-planten
  • B290-morfologie-van-planten


Since January 2014

             Directeur scientifique - Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

             Botanic Garden Meise


Since May 2005

             Head of Department

National Botanic Garden of Belgium, department Cryptogamy (BT)


Collection manager (approved by Scientific Council, January 2013)

Editor Fungus Flora of Tropical Africa

Co-editor AbcTaxa

Associate editor Plant Ecology and Evolution


Since May 1999

Senior Scientist

National Botanic Garden of Belgium, department Spermatophytes-Pteridophytes


Taxonomy and biogeography studies on tropical vascular plants

Development of databases and management of vascular plants Herbarium (BR)

Administrative support and follow-up of research programmes on tropical plant species

Fund-raising and coordination of workgroups on tropical systematics

EU Synthesys programme responsible for National Botanic Garden of Belgium

Co-edition Proceedings of international Conference and BR home journal

Scientific review for Am. J. Bot., Belg. J. Bot., Biotropica, Syst. Geogr. Pl.


From June 1994 till April 1999

Research Assistant (IPGRI Project)

Tropical Agriculture Unit, Gembloux Agricultural University (Belgium)

temporarily attached to Escuela de Biologia, Universidad de Costa Rica


Planning and management of wild Lima bean conservation in Costa Rica

Population dynamics modeling for in situ conservation

Technical support and coordination of field studies for in situ and ex situ conservation


From August 1993 till May 1994

Research Assistant (TREES Project, CCE)

Ecology Unit, Gembloux Agricultural University (Belgium)


Monitoring of worldwide deforestation by remote sensing


From November 1990 till July 1993

             Research Assistant

Phytopathology Unit, Gembloux Agricultural University (Belgium)


Expertises in forest decline, fungal and viral diseases




April 2011

             Teaching field mycology at Bujumbura (Burundi) and Lubumbashi (DR Congo)


February 2009

             Teaching field mycology at Kribi (Cameroon)


April 2005

             Teaching field mycology at Ipassa Research Station (Gabon)


Since September 2001

Scientific collaborator in charge of  Conservation of genetic resources seminars for agronomy students at Gembloux Agricultural University (Belgium)


From February till June 2000

University Professor in charge of ‘Plant systematics’ course for agronomy students at Gembloux Agricultural University (Belgium)


September 1993

Mapping of tropical forests at Institut de la Carte Internationale de la Végétation in Toulouse (France)


From March till April 1993

Diagnosis of fungal diseases at Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique in Nancy (France)


From October till November 1992 and from October till November 1993

University Professor in charge of Tropical ecology course for veterinary students at Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp (Belgium)


Recentste publicaties

  1. Diversity and Ecology of Wild Mushrooms of Riparian Zone of Lake Kivu, Rwanda

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