EULVA: European Ulva Taxonomy Initiative



Ulva is arguably one of the most abundant, widespread and best known seaweed genera in the world. However, the true extent of its species diversity remains a significant knowledge gap, even in well-explored regions such as Europe. This project aims to conduct a thorough assessment of Ulva diversity on a European scale, based on DNA-sequence data. To achieve this, we will construct a comprehensive dataset consisting of published DNA sequence data, complemented with newly sampled data. Our plan is to acquire and analyze approximately 1000 to 2000 specimens collected from the European coastlines, as well as freshwater habitats. To facilitate the processing of such large sample sizes we will develop a strategy to pool samples on Nanopore flow cells. What sets this project apart is its uniqueness in tackling the entirety of a seaweed group on a European scale. The project's scope necessitates the collection of samples from across the study area, a task that will be undertaken by a network of European phycologists.
Datum ter beschikking2025
UitgeverBOLDSYSTEMS: Barcode of Life Data System
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