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WP3 Milestone 3.2 DiSSCo Digital Maturity Self -Assessment Tool - Design Blueprint

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This Milestone 3.2 report for DiSSCo Prepare Work Package 3 Task 3.1 sets out the initial design blueprint for a DiSSCo Digital Maturity Self-Assessment Tool, building on the analyses in the Milestone 3.1 report ‘Improving Digital Capability - Case Studies and Analysis’ (Hardy et al, Dec 2020) and in the Milestone 3.3.
Report, including consideration of two existing tools in our sector. This tool is intended to support teams, institutions and national nodes in developing organisational readiness for provision of the DiSSCo services and data, helping them to identify and target areas for improvement. The aim is for this to tie in to future provision of training and support, as well as helping to identify the gaps at aggregate level where that training may be most useful. In addition , we believe there is a case for a platform that can support both this and the related Task 7.3 Policy Tool, such that these or other tools are consistent for users and can
interact with one another where relevant, avoiding any duplication. This blueprint is intended for wider discussion among the DiSSCo members, so that tool content can be developed in more detail as part of the Deliverable for this Task.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages18
Publication statusPublished - 30-Apr-2021


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