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Policies Handbook on Using Molecular Collections

Research output: Contribution to journalA2: International peer reviewed article (not A1-type)peer-review

  • Astrid de Mestier
  • Daniel Mulcahy
  • David J. Harris
  • Nadja Korotkova
  • Sarah Long
  • Eva Häffner
  • Alan Paton
  • Edmund K. Schiller
  • Frederik Leliaert
  • Jacqueline Mackenzie-Dodds
  • Tim Fulcher
  • Gunilla Stahls
  • Thomas von Rintelen
  • María P. Martín
  • Robert Lücking
  • China Williams
  • Christopher H. C. Lyal
  • Anton Güntsch
  • Heléne Aronsson
  • Magalie Castelin
  • Anna Pielach
  • Peter Poczai
  • Yolanda Ruiz-León
  • Isabel Sanmartin Bastida
  • Marco Thines
  • Gabriele Droege
The access to molecular collections worldwide greatly improves the quality of scientific research by making a growing number of data available for investigation. The efforts on digitisation also aim at facilitating the exchange of material between institutions and researchers that must follow regulations in place and respect best practice. The handbook presented here proposes a workflow to follow to safely exchange materials, in accordance with international laws and legislation. We make numerous recommendations here to help the institutions and researchers to navigate the legal and administrative procedures, in order to manage molecular collections in the best way possible.
Original languageEnglish
Article numbere102908
JournalResearch Ideas and Outcomes
Publication statusPublished - 2023




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