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“Landscape development in educational and touristic sites both in and around Virunga Park, and in particular in the site of hydroelectric plants of Rutshuru”

Project: ???project.projecttypes.project.description???Research project

The ICCN and the Virunga Foundation asked the Botanic Garden Meise to assist in providing support in botanical research, landscaping and environmental education in the area.

The activities of the project are:

-        to highlight the role of the park among the population in preserving one of the richest regions for biodiversity in Africa; 

-        to reinforce the linkage between park, ecosystem services and development in a "modern botanical garden" around a sustainable energy resource; 

-        to raise awareness and sensitivity about plants and ecosystems (showing different plants from other regions of DR Congo);

-        to promote environmental education amongst schools, civil society and the media.

StatusIn execution
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