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An accessible community garden for all publics in the Orangerie Garden

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Because nutrition, health, social inclusion and education are inextricably bound up with each other, the Orangerie garden will unify these themes.

« You are what you eat » and « a healthy mind in a healthy body » are old and well-known wisdom sayings, but they are by no means evident in our daily lives. In addition to provide healthy fruits and vegetables for our
daily diet,
a garden can also reinforce our inner being. Several scientific studies already showed that staying in a natural and gardening environment can be a remedy for stress. The effects are even stronger with active participation in gardening. The seclusion, tranquility and aesthetics within the walled garden create an ideal framework for our
to come here to relax and enjoy what the garden has to offer.
In its development, this garden will
include wheelchair users, blind and visually impaired. For people with different mental, social or health issuesor disabilities we can create social meaningwithin the confines of the garden. Gardening and garden experience canoffer a possibility to belong. On the educational level, the garden experience opens a wealth of opportunities: workshops for schools, workshops for young and elders, about recycling and gardening, composting, growing vegetable and small fruits, making insect hotels, cooking from the garden, ecological gardening…

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Period1/01/18 → …
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