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  1. A bibliography of the medicinal uses of Oxalis corniculata

    Van der Straeten, J. (Creator), Zenodo, 26-May-2018, 10.5281/zenodo.1254000


  2. Ad hoc checklist of alien species in Belgium

    Reyserhove, L. (Creator), INBO, 3-Oct-2018, 10.15468/3pmlxs


  3. Botanical Collections

    , Meise Botanic Garden, 23-Mar-2018,


  4. Catalogue of the Rust Fungi of Belgium

    Vanderweyen, A. (Creator), Fraiture, A. (Creator), Global Biodiversity Information Facility, 19-Apr-2018,


  5. Global Register of Introduced and Invasive Species - Belgium. Version 1.6. Invasive Species Specialist Group ISSG

    Reyserhove, L. (Creator), Oldoni, D. (Creator), Adriaens, T. (Creator), Vanderhoeven, S. (Creator), Pagad, S. (Creator), Global Biodiversity Information Facility, 11-Oct-2019,


  6. Identifying, reducing, and communicating uncertainty in community science: a focus on alien species

    Probert, A. F. (Creator), Wegmann, D. (Creator), Volery, L. (Creator), Adriaens, T. (Creator), Bakiu, R. (Creator), Bertolino, S. (Creator), Essl, F. (Creator), Gervasini, E. (Creator), Groom, Q. J. (Creator), Latombe, G. (Creator), Marisavljevic, D. (Creator), Mumford, J. (Creator), Pergl, J. (Creator), Preda, C. (Creator), Roy, H. E. (Creator), Scalera, R. (Creator), Teixeira, H. (Creator), Tricarico, E. (Creator), Vanderhoeven, S. (Creator), Bacher, S. (Creator), Springer, 2022, 10.1007/s10530-022-02858-8


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