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Frederik Leliaert


Domein van Bouchout, Nieuwelaan 38

1860 Meise


    Research areas

  • B290-systematic-botany - DNA-based species delimitation
  • B290-taxonomy - Chlorophyta, Ulvophyceae, Cladophorales, Bryopsidales, green algae
  • B290-phytogeography - Indo-Pacific, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean
  • B300-phylogeny - molecular phylogenetics, phylogenomics
  • B100-general-aspects-of-evolution - speciation

Research expertise

I’m interested in a range of topics that fall within the realms of biodiversity and evolution. I use molecular, morphological, ecological and geographic data to resolve phylogenetic relationships, test species boundaries, and explore the biogeographical history in marine and freshwater algae.

Latest research outputs

  1. A reappraisal of the Carex arenaria complex in Flanders (Belgium)

    Research output: Contribution to journalA3: National journal article with peer review, not included in A1 or A2peer-review

  2. Policies Handbook on Using Molecular Collections

    Research output: Contribution to journalA2: International peer reviewed article (not A1-type)peer-review

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Latest projects

  1. BRAIN-be: Refugia and Ecosystem Tolerance in the Southern Ocean

    Project: ???project.projecttypes.project.description???Research project

  2. [Submitted] BRAIN-be: Marine Biodiversity Assessed through the King Leopold III Station in Papua New Guinea

    Project: ???project.projecttypes.project.description???Research project

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