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  1. Dynamics of arboviroses in wild animals, mosquitoes and local communities in the Southern Bahian Atlantic Forest, Brazil

    Catenacci, L., Travessos-da-Rosa, E. S., Vasconcelos, P. F., De Vleeschouwer, K., Oliveira, L. C. & Deem, S. L.

    1/03/12 → …

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  2. Project: ???project.projecttypes.project.description???Research project

  3. The role of temperament on health status and sociality of golden-headed lion tamarins (Leontopithecus chrysomelas)

    Costa, T. S. O., Nogueira, S. S. C., De Vleeschouwer, K., Albuquerque, G. R., Oliveira, L. C., Catenacci, L. S., Nogueira-Filho, S. L. G. & Helsen, P.


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