Research portal


About the research portal

The FRIS research portal contains research information (projects, researchers and organisation units) of the six Flemish universities and the University college Ghent (HoGent). From this last institution we capture also the publications.

To meet the demand of increasing the visibility of research information of other Flemish scientific institutions by connecting them with the FRIS research portal, the department of Economy, Science and Innovation makes this portal environment available to manage their data for internal purposes and provide a dataflow to the FRIS research portal.

This environment uses PURE software and a generic data model for research information, which can be adapted to the specific need of every data provider.

Possible research information objects are: publications, projects, organisation units, researchers, activities, equipment, services.

Possible data providers are: Artevelde University College, Department Culture, Youth, Sport and Media.

The development of this portal environment is one of a large amount of projects of the FRIS-programme (Flanders Research Information Space).
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